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Mortgage Refinancing

REFINANCING Your Home in Style with!

It's more than just an interest rate reduction.

The process of mortgage refinancing is not just about changing or adjusting your existing mortgage. It's the process of taking out a new mortgage and using the money to pay off your present mortgage. Most people refinance their mortgage to get a lower interest rate. The lower rate, in many instances, translates into a faster mortgage payoff, a lower monthly payment and a savings of tens of thousands of dollars. It has been a reliable strategy in Williamson County, TN and in many of the other fast growing counties throughout the states we serve. Get great reliable counsel from a professional! Call today or use our Quick Apply for a super fast response.

A low rate isn't the only reason you should consider refinancing your mortgage. It can also help you:

  1. Lower your monthly payment on your Fayetteville, NC home.
  2. Pay off your St. Louis, MO home mortgage more quickly
  3. Lock in a lower rate
  4. Get a better adjustable rate for your Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  5. Consolidate debt
  6. Convert from a High Risk Bad Credit Loan to a Low Risk, Low Rate FHA Loan Program
  7. Refinance to a Fixed-Rate Loan
  8. Pay for College Tuition
  9. Pay Mounting Medical Bills
  10. So Much More
  11. Quick Apply

When you're refinancing your Mortgage, you can do a Cash Out Refinance and use the money for just about anything you want!

At, we want to place each our clients into the right loan the first time in Phenix City, AL and in the other cities we serve. Regardless of your situation, you deserve an honest analysis and a mortgage company that will provide you with more than just one option to achieve your financial objectives, whatever they may be. Take few moments and give our office a call or use our Quick Apply application. You'll be glad you did!

Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinancing

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If you're a home owner who purchased using the great low start rates of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, and have now come to the Adjustable period, it's time to refinance into a great fixed rate mortgage! Maybe you're still in your fixed period and have, as a family, decided your present home should be a home for your lifetime. With fixed rates still standing at all time lows, refinancing your present adjustable rate mortgage, or getting out of a high interest fixed rate mortgage and into a low fixed rate loan is a Smart Decision in Biloxi, MS and beyond.

Don't find yourself procrastinating and thinking these great low rates will be around next month in North Carolina. You could find your low mortgage payment and your refinancing opportunity both vanishing at the same time! Call today or Quick Apply and find out if refinancing your current mortgage is the Right Decision for you.

You Could Potentially:

  • Get out of that 5/1 ARM or other Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Get a Secure Fixed Rate Loan for your Greenville, NC home
  • Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment on your Kansas City, MO House
  • Eliminate Mortgage Insurance Premiums on virtually any Missouri home
  • Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars over the life of your loan
  • Pay Interest Only With Some Programs and watch your expendable income balloon

At, we offer a huge assortment of fixed rate mortgage refinancing programs to meet the needs of virtually any home owner whether you have outstanding credit or less than perfect credit. Why not call today or fill out our quick inquiry! A loan consultant is standing by ready to serve you!

Debt Consolidation Mortgage

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Are you losing sleep dreaming about your debt? Maybe you're suffering from the stress and anxiety that can overwhelm many home owners when credit card payments, loan payments and the mortgage payment all come due at once. The price paid by many home owners who are stretched too thin financially can be heavy. The reality is that a financial crises can and does have a direct impact on your quality of life. Financial Stress can play a major role in:

  • Loss of Sleep
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Major Medical Illnesses such as Heart Attacks
  • Desperate Criminal Acts
  • Loss of Employment
  • Immune Deficiency Resulting In Illness and Lost Work
  • Divorce and the Breakup of Families
  • Quick Apply

Financial Strain on a family can have so many negative effects on your quality of life, and that strain is compounded by all of the consequences that come from being under financial pressure. It has led many a home owner into a financial crises that spirals downward.

At, we want to assist you with removing as many of these burdens as possible by utilizing the equity in your home to consolidate all of the monthly payments that are contributing to your home owner nightmare. We even offer Bad Credit Refinance options for home owners with various levels of credit dings!

When you call, you'll know you're speaking with a Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama Mortgage Company that understands what your family is experiencing and knows exactly what we can do to lift the debt burden in Florence, AL or any of the other fine communities we originate loans in.

You can Rest Easy knowing is hard at work on creating a financial solution tailored to removing as many of the unnecessary stresses and strains that excessive debt payments can cause in your daily life. Call today or complete our online Quick Inquiry form to get a Loan Officer working hard on helping you to consolidate those debts through one of our outstanding mortgage refinance programs.

100% Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing

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Mortgage Program Notice

That's Right! offers a variety of programs with up to 100% Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing Options whether you want a fixed rate or prefer a 10/1 ARM! These programs cover many types of properties, loan types and credit quality. With so many unexpected and unforeseen shifts in the economy, taking advantage of the cash equity you have in your Home can create an outstanding nest egg to protect both you and your family from unforeseen financial losses. The reality is that it's when we need the money the most, that qualifying can be the hardest. Don't wait.

Maximize your opportunity at security with our 100% Cash Out Refinance Program before a financial need occurs in your family! Quick Apply

Our Cash Out Refinance Mortgage Can Be Used For:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Owner Occupied Two Family Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Townhouses
  • Up to 95% Financing Is Available on:

Regardless of whether it is your primary residence in Columbia, NC, a second home in Durham, NC or an Investment property in Charlotte, NC, getting the cash out you want and deserve is only a phone call or click away! With so many cash out programs and low Closing Costs, why not call a Loan Specialist to see if Mortgage Refinancing Is Right for You?

Call today or use our Quick Inquiry form to schedule a time to have one of our knowledgeable, professional, mortgage originators call you.

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing

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Sub-Prime, or the bad credit mortgage refinancing program, is often our option of last resort. Unfortunately, some borrowers simply cannot qualify under standard Conventional or FHA Alternative program guidelines.

For these borrowers, offers a wide range of products that can assist almost anyone with a Mortgage Refinance With Bad Credit.

If you're doing a cash out refinance, the type of loan you presently have doesn't matter as much as the benefits you will receive from the new loan you're getting. Quick Apply today to find out more!

If you need money fast to payoff bills, make those improvements around the home, or for whatever reason that fits your situation, Cashing out on the equity in your home may be the option that makes the most sense. We even have Bankruptcy Loans to assist home owners whose financial situation has left them with few choices. Now is pleased to be able to open one more door of opportunity for home owners with bad credit.

If you're currently in a Sub-Prime loan that has reached its adjustment period, then you certainly want to do something fast. Our FHA Loan Alternative just may be your solution. At, we can review your credit situation with you and offer you options that many other Loan Companies can't.

If you feel your situation needs further review or are ready to take that next step, apply online or contact us by calling for a no obligation review of your situation. To get started, you a can apply now or venture over to our Bad Credit Mortgage section to learn more about the various programs we have available for home owners and home buyers.

Remodel Loans, Addition loans and Rehab loans

Mortgage Program Notice

Our home addition remodel financing loan is designed for the homeowner who is making a major improvement to their primary residence. This unique second mortgage calculates the value of the home by adding the value of the planned improvement to the home's current value. You get immediate access to the construction funds at loan closing. That means more dollars are available to improve your home.

We work with you, the remodeling contractor, and the lender to customize construction budget. We work with local appraisers to give you an estimated value of after completion value of construction to determine the lending loan to value. Finally we set up the one time closing with local people in your home town.

Features and Benefits of the Home Remodeling Loan:

  • One-time close Construction-to-Permanent Loan
  • One loan. One set of fees -Online loan tracking
  • 100% construction financing
  • Rate protection
  • Built in Construction Hard Costs
  • Credit for Pre-paid Soft Costs
  • Credit for Equity in Lot with 12 months of seasoning
  • Loans to $3 million
  • Work closely with a construction loan specialist
  • Control the money spent by the Building & Remodeling Contractors
  • One time close Remodel loan (for primary residence)
  • One time close Addition loan (rehab loan for primary residence)

Rehab Loans For the Real Estate Investor:

  • No Payments for up to 6 months
  • Up to 100% of Project Costs
  • Up to 75% After Repair Value
  • Typical closing times of Two Weeks
  • NO Prepayment Penalty
  • Fast Rehab funding
  • Up to 13 months term
  • Stable National Lender
  • *Lines of Credit available for 1 year * Minimum Loan Amount 15K and paying interest only
  • Working with National Rehab investors and lenders alike - Let help you grow your Rehab Business!

To get started with your remodel or rehab project, just apply now

Refinance Loan Documentation

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Copy of Social Security Card
Copy of Drivers License
90 Days Banks Statements, all Accounts, all Pages
(If doing a bank statement loan, include 12 consecutive months)
30 Days Pay Stubs
2003 & 2004 W-2'S
Last Quarterly Statement for Investment Accounts/401K
Signed Letter of Credit Explanation (IF DEROGATORY)
Copy of Bankruptcy Papers, all Pages and Discharge
Business Tax Returns (Self Employed Only)
Copy of Business License (Self Employed Only)
Year to Date P & L statement - Signed (Self Employed Only)
Last 12 Months Canceled Checks for Mortgage (Privately Held mortgage only)
Child Support Order (for those using child support to qualify)
Benefit Award Letter (For those using a Retirement or Disability income to qualify)
Copy of Owners Title Policy
Copy of Deed
Copy of Survey
Copy of Last Mortgage Statement
Copy of Hazard and Flood Insurance Declaration Page
When is Mortgage Refinancing Right?

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If you're presently in a conventional mortgage loan, this may indicate your credit is in very good shape.

If you have good credit and a conventional loan, you most likely have several refinance loan options that could save you money on your biggest single monthly obligation.

If you're doing a cash out refinance, the type of loan you presently have doesn't matter as much as the benefit of the new loan you're getting. Quick Apply

If you need money fast to payoff bills, make those improvements around the home in Cary, NC, or for whatever reason fits your situation, cashing out on the equity in your home can sometimes make the most sense. However, you may want to consider a Second Mortgage rather than a first mortgage if your present rate is exceptional.

With rates still so low, your timing simply couldn't be better to take advantage of your equity in a way that will maximize your financial strategy regardless of the loan type you want to look at.

If you need assistance working through the Conventional mortgage refinance analysis phase, just give us a call!

If you are a homeowner in Mississippi who was lucky enough to buy when mortgage rates were low, you may have no interest in refinancing your present loan. But perhaps you purchased your home when rates were higher. Or perhaps you have an adjustable rate loan and would like to obtain different terms, such as the popular 7/1 ARM. Perhaps you simply need cash out to consolidate obligations and improve household cash flow. Maybe, you refinanced into a program that simply isn't right for you. Quick Apply

In the end, whether you believe refinancing is best for you will depend upon your own assessment of your financial health, your present comfort with your existing loan, and your long term financial goals. This section of our site is designed to provide useful, thought-provoking information and answers that we believe may help you decide what's best for you in a low pressure setting.

If you decide to refinance, you will find that the process will remind you of what you went through in getting your original mortgage loan. That's because, in reality, refinancing a mortgage is simply taking out a new mortgage. You will encounter many of the same procedures and the same types of costs the second time around. strives to streamline the process and make it as easy and hassle free as possible for our clients.

Would Refinancing Be Worth It?

Refinancing can be worthwhile for many homeowners, but it simply does not make good financial sense for everyone. A general rule is that refinancing becomes worth your while if the current interest rate on your mortgage is at least one and a half percentage points higher than the prevailing market rate. This figure is generally accepted as the average safe margin when balancing the costs of refinancing a mortgage against the savings. Quick Apply

There are other considerations, too, such as how long you plan to stay in the house, how many years are remaining on your current loan, whether you are in a 1/1 ARM, 3/1 ARM, or other less traditional ARM, or 10, 15, 20 or 30 year fixed rate loan measured against the present amount to be financed. An important fact to remember is, the cost to close as a percentage goes up gradually as many costs are fixed. So, the higher the balance to be refinanced, the lower the rate difference needs to make sense to refinance in terms of real dollars saved.

Refinancing can be a good idea for homeowners who:

  • Want to get out of a high interest rate loan due to being a Bad Credit Home Buyer to take advantage of lower rates? This is a good idea only if you intend to stay in the house long enough to make the additional fees worthwhile. Typically, it works out to be worthwhile only if you plan on staying put for at least five years.
  • Want to hold the home as a "short term" investment and utilize an interest first product that allows you to "bank" equity rather than pay down principal, thus reducing payments and increasing cash flow.
  • Have an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) conventional or Jumbo Mortgage and want a fixed-rate loan to have the certainty of knowing exactly what the mortgage payment will be for the remaining life of the loan.
  • Want to convert to an Adjustable-Rate Loan (ARM) with a lower interest rate or more protective features (such as a better rate and payment caps) than the ARM they currently have.
  • Want to refinance out of a balloon loan before the note comes due.
  • Want to get out of a negatively amortizing loan product such as the Option ARM Program.
  • Want to build up equity more quickly by converting to a loan with a shorter term.
  • Want to draw on the equity built up in the home to get cash for a major purchase, debt consolidation or their children's education.
  • Quick Apply

Mortgage Refinancing may not be a good idea if you:

  • Are presently in a 10, 15 or 20 year loan.
  • Have fewer than 20 years on your existing 30 year loan.
  • Do not plan on owning the home for more than 4 additional years.
  • Do not see a significant savings as a percentage based on present payment, rate & or terms.
  • Do not experience significant cash flow improvement utilizing the equity in a cash out loan.

In deciding whether to refinance an ARM mortgage, you should consider these questions:

  • Is the next interest rate adjustment on your existing loan likely to increase your monthly payments substantially?
  • Will the new interest rate be two or three percentage points higher than the prevailing rates being offered for either fixed-rate loans or other ARMs?
  • If the current mortgage sets a cap on your monthly payments, are those payments still large enough to pay off your loan by the end of the original term?
  • Will refinancing a new ARM or a fixed-rate enable you to pay your loan in full by the end of the term?
  • Quick Apply

A prepayment penalty on your present Tennessee mortgage could be the greatest detriment to refinancing.

What is a prepayment penalty? A prepayment penalty is pre-paid interest for a period of time (typically 6 months) that must be paid by the borrower for early payoff of a loan product when completing a mortgage refinancing package. Typically, they are found in Sub-Prime lending and conventional ARM products with below normal start rates, although in some instances, they can be applied to fixed products as well.

In a mortgage loan refinance, the practice of charging money for an early payoff of the existing mortgage loan varies by state, type of lender, and type of loan. Prepayment penalties are forbidden on various loans including those from federally chartered credit unions, FHA and VA loans, and some other home-purchase loans. The mortgage documents for your existing loan will state if there is a penalty for prepayment.

Even with all of these details, sometimes, it's just hard to know the right answer. To consult with a loan pro, call Lifestyle toll free or use our easy Quick Apply form.

Your neighbors keep bragging about that great rate they just got. The TV is filled with advertisements that warn that homeowners should "Refinance now before rates rise." Then there's the slick print advertisement promising you a rate at "1.25%" with type so small you can't even begin to read it without a microscope. Not to mention the fast talking radio pitch man telling you about the "1.9%" rate you can get if you just call now for more information.

So much information, so few facts.

Looking at the broad spectrum of possibilities can simply be overwhelming. There are many factors to be considered when refinancing. The most important question to ask yourself, is "Why?"

If the reason for refinancing is to achieve a better rate and interest savings, then it becomes far more critical to know the answers. If it's for a lower mortgage payment, home improvement, debt consolidation or a simple cash out, then the importance is reduced to the impact on your lifestyle.

There are two primary methods used for identifying the benefit of a mortgage loan refinance. The first is known as a "Break-even analysis" and really should only be used for short term mortgages where the long term benefit has less importance or no consequence. This process tells you at what point the new loan has paid for itself and the results are monthly payment driven. This kind of analysis is best suited for evaluating a loan when a borrower does not plan to stay in a home for more than 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. Quick Apply

The second is a "Life of loan analysis" and looks at the total amortization of a particular home mortgage loan product. This process is best suited for individuals for analyzing the loans of individuals who do not intend to move.

Below you will find an example of each scenario.

Example: (Life of loan)

John & Jane Doe from Talladega, AL have a 15 year mortgage they took out 12 months ago. Their Initial Mortgage amount was $100,000.00, at 6.75%. Their Monthly Principal and Interest Payment is $884.91 and their existing payoff is $96,009.12. (We assume the Doe's have made 12 payments, and they have made no early principal reductions.)

In its simplest form:

Multiply the Doe's current principal and interest payment by the number of months remaining on the existing loan: $884.91 x 168 remaining payments = $148664.88 in total payments remaining.

Now take the existing payoff and add into that the cost of the new loan (Closing costs). Lets estimate $2700.88 for this exercise. The payoff, plus costs to close will leave us with a new principal of $98,710.00.

If we finance this loan on another 15 year note @ 4.5%, a reduction of 2.25%, our new monthly principal and interest payment would be $755.12 x the new term (180) and this tells us the cost of this loan is $135,921.60 for a GROSS savings of $12,743.28.

Now, we have to account for the extra 12 months we've added to the note. This is calculated not based on the new payment, but based on what it has already cost the Doe's. So, the Doe's were paying $884.91 x the months they've paid (12) for a total loss of $10,618.92. This give us a NET savings of $2,124.36.

This is the time when you have to weigh the added year and lower payment VS the savings in a home mortgage loan refinance transaction. (Remember, the closing costs are accounted for in the amount financed). If it's just a payment issue, then naturally, you may want to push out to a 20 or 30 year note. If you're looking to do a debt consolidation loan, you use the same idea, but you account for the interest of any item you're financing into the new mortgage note. Quick Apply

Example: (Break-even analysis)

Jane Doe of Pell City, AL just finished her residency and has decided her 5 year goal is to move home to Chicago, IL and open a practice of her own. Her 5 year plan calls for saving $100,000.00 for startup costs and utilizing the natural appreciation in her current home as the down payment on her new residence in Chicago.

Jane Doe is currently in a 30 year fixed rate mortgage @ 6.5%, of which she has paid 24 payments. Her monthly Principal and Interest payment is $1422.15, and her current payoff is $219,000.00.

Jane Doe has opted for a 5/1 Libor program, of which the first 5 years of the loan are fixed. Her rate of interest is 3.75%. Her closing costs for this loan product will be $6000.00 giving her a new loan amount of $225,000.00. Based on this program, her interest only payment will be $1042.01.

By taking her new payment ($1042.01) and subtracting her old payment ($1422.15) she is saving an additional $380.14 per month. By dividing the savings into the cost to close, we learn that it will take Jane 15.78 months to pay for the new loan. This means that Jane can save an additional $16808.40 toward her short term goal over her five year plan by taking the new loan.

So, now that you've gotten this far, how do you know what loan product is right for you? It begins with knowing what type of loan you're wanting. A loan officer with can help you to assess whether mortgage refinancing is the right option for you, or whether you should use secondary financing such as a second mortgage, Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Equity Loan. Don't wait another day to decide if mortgage refinancing is right for you. Call or use our Quick Apply application for a fast, honest, professional, and free consultation.

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