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Real Estate Investing

Whether you're an experienced investor or just starting out, one of the most important things in real estate investing is maximizing the return on your investments while minimizing risk. That said, it is exceptionally important to get the advice of a mortgage professional with investment property experience. At, we have been delivering sound advice to investors for many years in Gadsden, AL and beyond!

As the President of, I am an investor. I am personally involved in the Real Estate Investment market and manage my own portfolio of real estate rental properties throughout Alabama. I know, and understand, it's not just the financing you're looking for; you want and need a Mortgage Company that understands Real Estate Investing, understands what programs work for what properties, what programs work for your investment portfolio, and absolutely knows how to close your loans on time, when promised!

You want a Missouri, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee mortgage company that will deliver results, not excuses. You Want!

Our goal at is to place you in the right loan, with a program that provides you with maximum benefit for future property acquisition. We don't ever consider our Investment Clients a "One Off" customer. We want to help you to build real wealth through Real Estate Investing and want you to think only of every time you consider buying an Investment Property. We strive to provide you with the kind of results that will make you go out of the way to recommend our services to each and every fellow Real Estate Investor you know from O'Fallon, MO to Durham, NC!

With our wide range of Investor Loans, we can find the right loan for any investment property in Columbus, MS or any of the fast growing communities we serve. I want to encourage you to contact me directly via our website Quick Inquiry form, or just call us!

Investor Purchase Money

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When deciding to purchase a new investment property, you as the investor have multiple issues to worry about. One of them should not be getting financed! Nor should it be getting bad advice. has many lenders who offer Investor purchase money at very competitive rates, and we aggressively screen them to bring our clients the best of the best. The fact you have reached this page, says you recognize the value of good information and lending options four your investments in vibrant communities like Tupelo, MS.

Since we won't always know your local real estate rental market, it's obvious that you will need to. What we can do at is to take the worry of getting purchase money off your "To Do" list, allowing you to focus on investing in new real estate.

At, we know an investment property is only as good as the loan that finances it. With every loan, our job is to match a prospective property for purchase with a loan product that will maximize both the short and long term ROI for you, our real estate investing client. Our range of products for purchase include:

As a seasoned Real Estate Investor, why not take the next step, the right step, and Quick Apply with! Within 24 hours, you'll be well on your way to getting financed with a Custom Tailored solution. We make it that easy!

100% Investor Loans

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Mortgage Program Notice

Are you Kidding? 100 percent Real Estate Investor home loan financing! That's Right! 100% Investment Property Financing is available and has the program and the solution to your 100% financing needs! Zero Down Investor Loans are not a pipe dream made up to tease our Real Estate Investor friends. The program does exist, and we can help you to get it done!

  • Also, we've got a brand NEW Program Niche 620 Credit Score now available on 100% NOO investor loans in Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee. This is a tremendous Investor Loan! This program is expensive in fees because of the score; however, no one else is going to do a 100% loan at 620.
  • 100% on 2 unit duplex and single family homes
  • 100% on 3-4 Unit Investor Loans NEW Program
  • 100% Cash Out Refinance Investor Loans

To learn more about our true, no gimmicks, 100% investor financing programs, you need to contact our office or use our online quick inquiry form today! We encourage you to act now, as there are never any guarantees on when a buyer of investor paper will decide to shut a zero down investor loan program down! We work hard to find these programs so we can make it easy for you to invest!

Investor Property Refinance Programs

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Whether you're seeking to refinance for a higher monthly ROI, or just wanting to pull equity out of an existing property, chances are good that has the right mortgage program for you.

We offer a wide range of conventional and Bad Credit Refinance products for many credit scenarios that are designed to create both long term and short term financial leverage, from a Refinance to a Fixed-Rate, to ARM programs and specialty niche lending opportunities.

One of the most common methods used for acquiring new properties is equity in existing investments. By cashing out this equity, "new" money is made available for acquiring additional investment properties, making repairs/improvements to existing properties, or just simply pulling the equity out for personal use. Using a Home Equity Line of Credit is not always the best option, especially if you can refinance the mortgage amount into an interest only option.

We like the Interest First option from both a "cash flow" scenario and wealth building option. It can provide the average investor flexibility during difficult rental periods, while still facilitating growth of wealth through a property's natural appreciation. The reality is that the more properties an investor owns and manages, the faster his or her wealth can grow in Athens, AL or any of the other communities we serve.

Experienced investors recognize "cash is king". The more liquid your assets, the more flexibility you have in future acquisitions. By maximizing liquidity, an investor can put equity to work immediately, rather than waiting for long term "market adjustments" to occur where it makes sense to refinance for the purpose of pulling cash out.

This allows for faster growth in revenue, higher net ROI, and on hand liquidity. What does this mean for you? A shorter and safer road to the retirement phase of Real Estate Investing.

We fully understand the investment market and are here to help you get the most out of your financial planning. We can absolutely help you determine what loan is the best one for your goals. Just give us a call, or fill out our fast application.

Investment Property Cash Flow

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This is a good stage to be in an investor if you seek an investment property with positive cash flow. Typically, you see this high cash flow on multi-unit, commercial apartments, or office buildings. Good Cash Flow property is property that pays the mortgage off faster than the mortgage schedule and gives you cash to invest in new property.

This cash flow depends on each tenant and on the occupancy rate and the amount each tenant is renting the unit for. As a custom Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama mortgage company, we can help place you into the best loan program for cash flow or high returns. However, starting out you must do your research on the investment property you're considering buying. The loan amount and the amount of rent the property will earn and its anticipated operating expenses are some of the biggest factors to consider when deciding if a property is a wise investment.

Your debt service should be 1.20 to 1.40 The DS ratio is better if it's higher (learn more about debt service & Underwriting here). This ratio helps to know if the building will service the debt easily. However, you want it to be a Cash Cow and service the debt easily so that you can still have peace of mind even if things go less than perfectly. With regard to cash flow, some of the best properties to look for are four unit investment properties and commercial apartment complex buildings of 6 units or more.

Also, find out the Cap Rate for the commercial property you're looking at. If the property has a low cap rate this is really good. 5.0-10 is excellent cap rate value. This Cap rate is a useful to the lender and to you as an investor in determining the potential value of a property based upon other factors besides an appraisal. Learn more about the commercial Property Types we can help you with.

It's very hard to get both Cash Flow and investment property with instant equity.

If your do your research and with some luck, you may find both. If you find a really attractive multi unit that falls into commercial, we've got some outstanding programs in our Commercial Loan line as well.

Questions? Call and ask for Ryan A. Epper or use our fast Quick Apply application today!

Flipping Vs. Cash Out Equity

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Flipping: Holding a property
for a short period of time
to gain a quick profit.

This is our goal. However, If you wanted to keep the property and keep all the benefits of annual home appreciation and gain tax advantages (deduction for interest), you could work toward being Mortgage Free with a solid renter paying the mortgage payment.

So why flip the property?

  • Why not hold the property after you fix it and keep it?

We can cash out high equity up to 100 percent with a 7 day Seasoning. Yes, that's right, buy today and cash out next week. Heck, buy today and plan your cash out Flip tomorrow!

Investor Tips:

Refinance on a fixed rate interest only program and at the same time get your renter to pay your new mortgage payment with PITI. Bank the principal and drive on.

You can manage the property or use a management company at 5 percent to 10 percent of the typical gross rent.

Ask me if you need a reference for a top notch management company for your rental property when we do your loan.

Call or Quick Apply right now!

Investment Property Instant Equity

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Mortgage Program Notice

This is an investor's dream and the result of a sound investment strategy. When looking for an investment property, shrewd investors aim for the best return on investment (ROI) with instant equity. As investors our primary focus is on obtaining a solid return without a lot of money of pocket. We prefer to use as much of the bank's money as possible. Ideally we'll get 95%, 97% Financing or even better, 100% with the seller paying 3 percent of the closing costs while thanking us for buying their property.

Our buying approach can be either 1 year and flip, or 3 years and hold for the maximum ROI and then flip the investment property. Remember, buy low and sell high and keep all expense costs down.

We recommend looking for property with an investment sales price that is 10% to 15% under appraisal value in a good school zone. We highly recommend, for broadest demographics, our investors focus on buying homes with a minimum 3 bedrooms and 2 baths or 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Typically, a Multifamily unit priced right can bring in the best Cash flow per month based upon acquisition cost. Further a multi unit complex reduces cash flow issues which can result from a vacancy.

As you investment portfolio expands, you should really look for a good solid rental management team to rent investment property out at a fee of 5% to 10% of gross rental income per month.

When investing, we always suggest you look for properties with prices near the median home price for the area. Investment properties' sales prices tend to go up faster on average in that price range. Check with your local board of Realtors, Real Estate Agent or investor club to know the area you are going to buy in.

Know your location, know where the population is growing to and definitely know the hot subdivisions that are up and coming. The best investor loans typically use the bank's money to get instant equity.

Apply online or call us anytime with questions

Specialty Investor Financing

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NOO No Income Verification Program:

Mortgage Program Notice

The "Non Owner Occupied No Income Mortgage Loan" program is a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan program designed specifically for the Real Estate Investor with a strong credit base and the demonstrated ability to make mortgage payments on a timely basis.

This NOO NIV loan an opportunity for qualified investors to utilize unverifiable or typically non qualifying income sources for the purpose of qualifying for a investment mortgage loan.

The No Income Verification option typically requires a two-year employment history in the same business or profession as stated on the loan application. Full time real estate investors may utilize their CPA for employment verification. The program eliminates any verification of income.Quick Apply.

No income verification requirements, regardless of income source.
Eligible Borrowers:
Purchase, rate/term and cash out refinances available on primary residences, second homes, and investment properties.

NOO No Ratio Program:

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Mortgage Program Notice

The "Non Owner Occupied No Ratio" program is a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan program designed specifically for those Investors with a strong asset base and the demonstrated ability to make mortgage & rent payments on a timely basis.

The No Ratio option typically requires a two-year employment history in the same business or profession as stated on the loan application. Self employed full time Investors may utilize their CPA for employment verification. The program eliminates any reference to income which results in a no debt to income ratio qualification.

The No Ratio Investor will show a high regard for their financial obligations as reflected in their credit score model.

The Investor must state the specific sources of income (e.g., investments, employer name, address, phone number, 401K, etc.) A verbal verification of employment is required, but income will not be verified. All assets are required to be verified through standard documentation. All other sections of the mortgage loan application must be fully completed and supported with standard documentation.Quick Apply.

No income verification requirements, regardless of income source
No income stated on application
No debt ratio calculations

Eligible Borrowers:

Purchase, rate/term Refinance Loans and cash out refinances available on primary residences, second homes, and investment properties.

NOO No Documentation Mortgage:

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Mortgage Program Notice

The "Non Owner Occupied No Doc " program is a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan program designed specifically for those Real Estate Investors with a strong credit base and the demonstrated ability to make mortgage payments in a timely basis.

The ideal real estate investor for this no documentation mortgage program is the Self employed, 1099, or W-2 employee, seeking a true minimal documentation loan. This loan program is ideal for refinance no cash out & cash out LTV's of less than 70% by both owner occupied and non-owner occupied properties @ full documentation conventional rates.

Newest Program - No paper work needed with a NO DOC Investor loan at 95% 660 middle

Mortgage Program Notice

The program eliminates any reference to income, assets, employment and liabilities. There is no verification of any information outside of the qualifying property and credit. Liabilities on the credit report are not reconciled.

The No Doc applicant will show a high regard for their financial obligations as reflected in their credit score model. The applicant must NOT state the specific sources of income (e.g., employer name, address, phone number, 401K, etc.), assets, or liabilities. The applicant must provide details on the property to be financed. If the property is a primary residence, it must NOT be listed as an asset. All other sections of the mortgage loan application must be fully completed and supported with standard documentation.

12 month verifiable mortgage payments are your qualifying factor and must be documented if not reflected on a mortgage only credit report. Quick Apply.

No income stated
No assets stated
No liabilities stated
No form 4506

Eligible Borrowers:

Purchase, rate/term and cash out refinances available on primary residences, second homes, and investment properties.


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"Go-Zone" Incentives show Investors are welcome for a limited time. All good things will come to an end ... GO-Zone till 2010 can guide you with your investing needs in the GO-Zone areas of Mississippi and Alabama. We are a licensed Alabama and Mississippi Mortgage company. Use our Quick Apply mortgage application or give us a call to discuss our investor programs.

Dealing with many out of state investors, we get calls from some of them that know what the Go-Zone is and others who just call and say "So and so gave me your number and said I should buy houses down there". Yes, we actually had someone say that.

The Go-Zone Act, enacted after Hurricane Katrina, was established as a tax incentive to spark new commercial developments. However, it is not limited to commercial developments only though, and can be used to aid the purchase of residential income producing properties.

So, what does the program do for investors? The primary focus is on long term strategy for the coast and so the program is focused on investors who are intending to hold the property long term.

In short, the Go-Zone incentive will allow you to take a 50% depreciation on any eligible property in the first year it is put into service. Assume you buy a house and put some money into repairing it. You then rent it out. You are now eligible for a tax incentive.

Okay, you are thinking - is it really that easy? Yes and No.

Obviously, to get the best out of any tax incentive, you should talk to your accountant and you should work with an agent that is familiar enough with the incentive to find you a property that will qualify.

This section was put together to simply provide you with a "rough" idea on what the Go-Zone act allows. Full information can be obtained at the website of the Mississippi Development Authority or by contacting us.

Please note that our office has a working knowledge of this act from a licensed mortgage banker's point of view. Consult your tax advisor or accountant for any special needs or tax specific questions.

1031 Exchange Program

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The general Definition of a 1031 Exchange is, if you exchange business or investment property of a like kind, no gain or loss is recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. Other (not like-kind) property or money, gain is recognized to the extent of the other property and money received, but a loss is not recognized.

Section 1031 does not apply to exchanges of inventory, stocks, bonds, notes, other securities or evidence of indebtedness, or certain other assets. "Like-Kind Property" are Properties of like kind if they are of the same nature or character, even if they differ in grade or quality. Personal properties of a like class are like-kind properties.

Real properties generally are of like kind, regardless of whether the properties are improved or unimproved. However, real property in the United States and real property outside the United States are not like-kind properties.

Talk with your tax accountant about this great way of protecting your capital gains on investment properties.Quick Apply.

Rent Free Program

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Ask us about the rent-free-program

We can qualify your current renter to buy your current rental property. The is an outstanding opportunity to cash out of a property and for your Tenant to become a home owner. Perfect for the First Time Buyers! FREE credit analysis to Investors to help educate your renter to become a homeowner and achieve the American dream. 100% financing to First time home buyers who Must meet certain guidelines.

Have your Tenants pre-qualify online using our quick application. We can help your tenants purchase using both the;

Have Questions? Ask your Mortgage Consultant on Rental property and zero Down Investment Property Home Loans. GUARANTEED easy mortgage financing! We can help!

If you want to Buy the current home you're renting. WE can help you today For current renters or tenants we can help prescreen to pre-qualify and build credit free for a future home purchase. Ask about Down Payment Help! We can minimize out of pocket costs, potentially reduce costs to the home seller using great down payment options, some include help with Closing Costs too!

Best NO Money Down Real Estate Investor Loans! or First time home buyers wanting to Buy

FHA Loan Program

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