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As the owner of, I believe in providing our clients with the utmost in VALUE. VALUE is not just found in the price you pay for a service, but in the sum total of the service you receive.

By providing the Highest Level of customer SERVICE to our clients we are able to soothe the apprehension of applying for, and your experience with, the entire mortgage loan process.

By providing the Highest Level of customer SUPPORT, we are able to guide our clients through the application process, and based on their situation, accurately discuss the options that best meet their objectives.

By providing the Highest Level of SERVICE and SUPPORT we attempt to both enable, and empower our clients, so they can confidently make sound financial decision based on both short term, and long-term financial goals.

Together, we can take those goals and tailor SOLUTIONS that will most effectively meet the financial needs of today and tomorrow.

I believe our staff has not done the absolute best unless we have provided the highest level of VALUE to our clients!

I define our VALUE in the level of SERVICE, SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS we provide to our many clients throughout the communities of Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee, every day.

I encourage you to read and review each of the sections on Web Site. They have been designed to help you to understand who we are as mortgage company, the types of loans we can do, and how we can help you to achieve your dreams and goals.

I have been working in the mortgage industry since June 8, 2001. Since we first opened our door, the mortgage industry has seen 40 year low mortgage rates and a dramatic shift in upwards in adjustable rate mortgage costs. Currently I see rates continuing their slow edge upward. Interest rates may only stay this low to help bring new life to the economy. It's the old theory of getting more for your money. When rates are low you get more house for your hard earned dollar.

As a mortgage consultant, of, I am a student of the economy and stock market in addition to being an active Real Estate Investor. Mortgage rates rise and fall daily. I study long-term mortgage rate trends. Rate locks are very important because it's possible to get a lot lower interest rate if you time your lock correctly.

As just one of your possible mortgage consultants, I can alert you to lock in your mortgage rate. Plus, I can guide you in finding the right home loan to fit your lifestyle, whether you want the security of a Fixed Rate Loan, or the cash flow benefits of an Interest Only program. The way we live and what we do make up our total lifestyle. I truly believe we all want to live comfortably.

My formal education is Business and Marketing. I am a graduate from the University of Alabama and earned a B.S. in Marketing. With the education and great teachers there, I have earned a good educational foundation. I have trained under an expert mortgage broker for several years prior to incorporating and opening a brokerage firm in Alabama. I will always be a student of the mortgage industry and why I stay in the mortgage field. We are now a licensed Mississippi Mortgage Company, A licensed Missouri mortgage company, a licensed North Carolina mortgage company and are now a licensed Tennessee Mortgage Company. Without our customers, without you, we would never have achieved our successes!

What can we do for you?

Your high expectations are our benchmark for success. will shop and find the right home loan for you and your family. Starting with an accurate rate quote we will work to gain your trust. We will structure your home loan in many different ways whether you need a Debt Consolidation loan, or a rate & term Refinance Loan. Our goal is to give you the best rate and programs to pick from.

As your consultant, we want to earn your business and earn the business of your friends and family alike. wants to build a long term relationship with you. Our company seeks your repeat business. Please ask about our referral program. We want to reward your family and friends.

902 Main Ave
Northport, AL 35476
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