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Greenville North Carolina Mortgage Company

Many roads lead to Greenville, North Carolina and they have earned the community the nickname Hub of Eastern Carolina. No matter whether newcomers are fleeing northern winters or drawn by the area's outstanding job growth, they are arriving in droves. Most Greenville residents, new or old, recognize how important getting guidance from a mortgage company is when they seek to finance or refinance a home, condo, or townhome in Greenville, NC.

For nearly everyone, a mortgage is life's largest single financial transaction. Making a mistake can cost big money over the life of the loan. Probably the smartest investment that a Greenville mortgage shopper can make is taking the time to find an experienced mortgage company. has grown steadily since we opened for business in 2001, and now our team of loan specialists serves borrowers in five states across the South. Word-of-mouth from satisfied clients and a strong record of delivering sound mortgage solutions have fueled our outstanding growth. Although we are not the largest mortgage company serving homeowners and Home Buyers in Greenville, NC, we strive to provide excellent rates, flexible and creative home loan solutions, and to be the easiest mortgage company with which to do business. Offering traditional and non traditional program, HUD Insured FHA Loan products to Mobile Home Loan Programs. Why not call the experts at or use our Quick Apply form to find out about terms and rates for your next Greenville, NC home loan.

Consumers seeking home loans in Greenville are better informed and smarter about their credit scores and home loan options than they ever have been before. And, unfortunately, today's home loan market requires them to be. Borrowers, even for vanilla loans such as 30 year Fixed Rate Loans, confront an endless number of competing loan programs with what appear to be small differences in their terms.

First time Greenville, NC homebuyers who lack a background in business, finance or real estate can find learning enough of the vocabulary of lending to sort out the alternatives challenging. No matter whether you are looking for a Super Jumbo Mortgage to buy a lakefront estate home or a 7/1 ARM with reasonable down payment requirements for a starter home, can connect you with the right lender to make the financial aspects of your transaction a success. And we are more than glad to help you compare the offers of competing lenders.

Coastal living, strong economy, good public and private schools, and simply amazing recreational opportunities are just some of the reasons that our home loan clients have shared with us for living in Greenville, NC. What's amazing about Greenville to us is the wide variety of affordable housing options from brand new custom homes in fast-growing Greenville's bedroom communities like Winterville to well-preserved homes a stone's throw from Downtown Greenville.

No one knows for sure what direction home loan interest rates are headed in North Carolina. We can only guess. However, we know with absolute certainty where interest rates have been over the last 40 years and some daily watchers lose sight of what a longer view reveals. They are surprised to learn that home loan interest rates are lower right now in Greenville, NC than they have been at almost any other time in the last 40 years. Don't wait. Call right now to discuss how can help you get on the road to an outstanding Greenville, NC home loan.

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