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Raleigh North Carolina Mortgage Company

Some things Raleigh, NC residents shop for don't matter because few dollars change hands. Buying real estate or securing a home loan from mortgage company isn't a small matter for most Carolinians. It's the largest obligation most Raleigh residents ever undertake, and it represents the largest line item in most family's monthly budgets.

For the same reason that it makes sense to consult a CPA about a complicated tax question or to hire a reputable general contractor for a structural renovation, it makes sense to consult with an experienced mortgage company to find the home loan with the best combination of rate and terms to accomplish your home ownership objectives.

Ryan Epper and his team of Charlotte home loan experts have been providing sound advice to hundreds of clients financing or refinancing since he opened in 2001. The loan officers at combine for more than thirty years of home loan experience and have produced an enviable record of on-time closing even for the most difficult loans such as a low rate Mobile Home Loan, a Mortgage Refinance With Bad Credit or a real estate investor looking for 100% Investor Financing.

No matter whether your needs are for a competitive rate on a flexible FHA Loan or a simple 30 year Fixed Rate Loan for your home, a fast approval for a Home Equity Line of Credit to finance tuition, or a Hard Money Loan to invest in a Charlotte pre-foreclosure days before the sale, we can help with outstanding rates and sound home loan advice. To discuss your home loan options confidentially, call or Quick Apply online.

For First Time Buyers or those who do not have a background in business, real estate, or finance, getting a mortgage can mean confronting a whole set of possibly unfamiliar terms. You may hear about FHA Loan Alternatives, CMT 10/1 ARM's, and 80/20 Piggie Back loans - and with the hundreds of different mortgage variations available to homebuyers - finding the right one can be work.

We have helped many first time buyers become well educated about their mortgage options. We welcome questions about any of our Raleigh, NC home loan programs, and you will find our Raleigh loan experts are also experts at talking with you about your options without a lot of industry jargon or language that requires a PhD in high finance.

If are very familiar with getting a mortgage, you'll find provides a Raleigh home loan experience that compares favorably with other mortgage company's and correspondent lenders.

If you are relocating to Raleigh, you will soon find out why so many people buy homes in North Carolina's beautiful capital city every year. As a part of North Carolina's research Triangle, Raleigh is home to some of the United States best high-growth research and technology companies. In February 2007, Forbes placed Raleigh, NC at the top of its list of the best cities to find high-wage employment. It's certainly no wonder that so many people finance homes in Raleigh when Money Magazine recognized the city as America's fourth best big city.

The public school system is excellent and consistently beats other city districts in standardized test results. Despite the growth, Raleigh public schools are still turning out some of NC's most well rounded, well-educated and well-prepared college bound students. The value of the education offered at state schools in North Carolina is well known. The prospects for future appreciation of real estate in Raleigh appear to be very good.

No matter whether you have been watching Raleigh home loan rates on the businesses pages of the Raleigh Observer or online, the recent upward trend has probably not escaped your notice. What you may not know is that home loan rates in Raleigh are still low when compared with nearly any other time in the last 40 years. No matter whether you are looking for a 20 year fixed rate home loan to buy your first home or a low rate to convert an ARM and Refinance to a Fixed-Rate on your North Carolina homestead, now is the time to call or Quick Apply online. Do it before today's rates are gone.

Today's home loan customer in Raleigh and throughout NC has many more options than they did even a few years ago. We make a simple promise to those who choose to do business with We will deliver sound home loan advice in a pressure free environment. We will deliver clear and concise explanations of the programs available to loan applicants regardless of their personal credit, and we will deliver personal and responsive customer service.

Our home and investor loan business has grown since we opened in 2001 primarily because we have been so successful in keeping these simple promises to our home loan clients. Please call Ryan Epper and his team of lending pros or use our online Quick Apply form for your next Raleigh, NC home loan.

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