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Alternative Loan Options

Starting about August 2007, newspapers began reporting a crisis in sub prime lending. Very high default rates on loans to higher risk borrowers made it impossible for these loans to be bundled and sold to investors on the secondary mortgage market.

Mortgage lenders must sell their bundled loans to free money to make more loans, so most lenders responded to the subprime mess by tightening credit & lending standards across the board.

What does that mean to you?

Even for good credit borrowers, qualifying for a home loan is harder than it was two or three years ago. It might require a higher down payment, more documentation, or a specialized government-backed loan for you to close on a home. However, do not miss the good news about today's real estate market:

  • As a qualified home buyer, you can buy a home in the best market for buyers in decades;
  • Tighter standards also mean fewer buyers in the marketplace competing with you for homes;
  • Excellent mortgage programs are still available to buy residential real estate from the FHA, USDA, VA, and from conventional lenders.

Higher standards by the lenders will not change the way that we do business at We will check hundreds of lenders to find the best programs for you.

Here are a few of the best mortgage programs for home buyers available right now in Montgomery, AL and the other markets we serve.

  • FHA 203b loans for HUD foreclosures - The loan program is an outstanding option for you as a first time home buyer wanting to buy a distressed property from HUD and wanting funds for repairs included in the loan.
    • Easier to qualify for than a conventional mortgage - FHA 203b loans are government insured and underwriters can approve you with lower credit scores than for non-FHA financing.
    • Finance a HUD Foreclosure with $100 down - One of the few remaining mortgage programs that allow you as a FHA Home buyer or bargain hunter to buy a home with virtually no money down. The FHA 203b program allows HUD foreclosures to be financed with $100 down and borrowers can roll up to $5000 in repairs into the loan Call Ryan Epper for a list of homes in your area.
    • Money to make repairs on your home included in the loan - This FHA 203b program is designed to finance homes that need repairs and has a special repair escrow of up to 5k that can be financed in addition to the value of the home.
  • USDA Rural Development Home Loan Program - This is a special program designed to help you purchase a new or existing home in rural communities. For home buyers who fall within the income guidelines, there is no better mortgage program than the USDA Rural Development Loan Program. To see if you qualify for this program call Today.
    • More Flexible Qualifying than Traditional Mortgages - The USDA Rural Loan Program has wider latitude than traditional lenders in the current cautious lending climate. .
    • No Private Mortgage Insurance Required for USDA Home Loans - Because the government guarantees the loan, you do not need to pay the costs of PMI.
    • Financing of up to 102% of the price of the home - The USDA mortgage program has worked well for home buyers in Clarksville, TN and throughout our markets to help qualified buyers buy a home with no money down.
    • Seller Can Pay Up to 6% of Closing Costs for Home buyer - Financing your home using the USDA program allows your real estate agent to negotiate for seller paid closing costs.
  • VA Guaranteed Home Loans - The men and woman in the armed services deserve special consideration when it comes time to buy a home. Most veterans know that the Veterans Administration offers government guaranteed mortgages for veterans. has years of experience helping veterans from Charlotte, NC and other military friendly communities, to finance a home using VA loans. Call today with any questions about VA loans.
    • VA home loans are easier to qualify for - Lenders are more flexible in qualifying you when you have a VA guarantee. You represent a lower risk automatically when you qualify for the VA program.
    • VA home Loans have no income restrictions - You do not lose your eligibility if you make too much money.
    • 100% financing is available using a VA home loan - You can buy a home even if you have not accumulated the savings for a down payment.
    • VA mortgages do not require private mortgage insurance - With a government guaranteed mortgage, you will not need to pay premiums for private mortgage insurance.
  • Low Money Down Conventional Home Loans for Good Credit Applicants - Despite the changes in the market, many conventional lenders offer outstanding programs with interest rates that compare to FHA loans even to those with little money down.
    • Excellent Rates and Terms for Conventional Financing - Interest rates and home prices are both low right now, and conventional lenders are offering outstanding financing terms to well-qualified home loan applicants.
    • No Cost to Apply - To learn more about your conventional financing options in Mississippi or any other state we serve, call a loan officer
  • Excellent Investor Loan Programs in AL, TN, MO and Mississippi - Some of our most active clients right now are real estate investors buying pre-foreclosures in Nashville, TN, and buying REOs in Tupelo, MS and our other markets.
    • Experienced Investor Loan Mortgage Brokers - With a site owner who is a seasoned real estate investor, at can help get you the best non-owner occupied Property financing.
    • Investor Loan Programs with 90% financing with full documentation and a 720 credit score. These programs will work for properties up to 4 units.
    • Investor stated income mortgage programs with 75% financing for up to four units with 75% LTV with a 720 score.
  • Mortgage Programs for Second Home Purchases - Whether you are considering buying a vacation home on the Gulf Coast or a second home in the mountains near Raleigh, NC, at we have several mortgage programs designed for vacation home buyers
    • Treat Your Second Home as A Primary Residence - Some of these mortgage programs allow you to treat your second home as a primary residence for mortgage purposes. Using these options, you'll get a lower interest rate and better terms for your loan
    • Vacation Home Loans with low interest rates and great terms. For well-qualified buyers 80/20 piggyback mortgages can deliver 100% financing of your dream vacation home.
    • Easy No Cost Loan Application - To apply for a vacation home mortgage or discuss your options, give us a call direct.
  • Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans for Luxury Home Buyers - Structuring a loan properly for purchasing an executive home or luxury home can be challenging. Done improperly, it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. Our team of mortgage professionals have helped scores of clients close jumbo and super jumbo loans up to one million dollars. Give us a Call direct to discuss current Jumbo loan programs.
  • One Close Construction Loan Programs - When you need a construction loan to build a home, don't make an expensive mistake. Many people get two loans - a construction loan and a permanent mortgage. They pay double closing costs when they could have saved with a one close construction loan. For expert help in locating the perfect one close construction loan, call Today.
  • Specialty One Loan Programs with No Private Mortgage Insurance Requirement - Don't pay higher rates on a second mortgage or end up with an adjustable rate second mortgage just to avoid paying for private mortgage insurance. Here are two of our most popular one loan options:
    • 100% financing for qualified borrowers with one loan and no PM. Call us today to learn about this exciting new home loan program.
    • Fast 95% one loan with no PMI requirement. Don't pay PMI for years just because you don't have 20% to put down. Call us today to calculate your savings compared to a piggyback mortgage
  • Credit Repair Options for Mortgage Applicants - As lenders raise their standards it is harder for some people to achieve the goal of home ownership. A late bill or two or unforeseen medical issue keeps their credit score just below what the lender needs to approve the loan. At, we have found a credit repair company that has been effective in helping those we refer to improve their scores enough to qualify for a home loan. They are good at credit repair and charge a reasonable fee for their services. If you would to be referred to a reputable and effective credit repair agency, give our office a call today.

Although the U.S. mortgage market has changed dramatically since August of 2007, we have not changed our formula for serving our clients at We continue to seek the best combination of interest rate, repayment terms, and customer service from the lender for each of our clients.

We firmly believe that the current market represents an extraordinary real estate buying opportunity. It is rare to have a strong buyer's market in real estate at a time when interest rates remain so low. To learn more about any of our mortgage loan programs use our quick mortgage inquiry form.

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