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Real Estate Agent Referral Solutions

At, we believe in relationship banking and work closely with Real Estate Agents in the markets we serve to expedite every Home Buyers loan file so they close on time! Our goal is to work towards a 100% satisfaction for our mortgage clients and the Real Estate Professionals we work with in the transaction from Madison. MS to Fayetteville, NC and in all the markets we serve in between.

We gladly work with our clients' Real Estate Professionals providing one on one advice to assist them in setting up their purchase offers whenever Down Payment Help or Closing Cost assistance is needed with "creative" solutions using gifts, grants and concessions what can be easily coupled with our low rate FHA Loan program.

This way, you can ensure the purchase contract proposal is tailored to best meet the financial means of our mutual clients before you submit a contract offer.

We have thousands of visitors every month. Many needing home financing using Fixed Rate Loans and Adjustable Rate Mortgage programs: From consumers to investors, to conventional buyers, Bad Credit Home Buyers and Jumbo Mortgage and Super Jumbo home buyers. With our expanded Mobile Home Loan programs, we help our home buyers expand their choices. We want our customers to work with Reliable Real Estate Professionals who we can count on to maintain and reinforce our Client Relationship with the homebuyer and recognize we can help them to expand their business opportunities.

We make it a point to refer our Pre-Approved Home Buyers to Pre-Approved Real Estate Professionals in Knoxville, TN, O'Fallon, MO, and in our other markets, who understand the benefits that Good Business To Business Relationships have for everyone!

If you like the idea of having pre-approved Home Buyers referred to you in Millbrook, AL or any of the other cities we serve, please contact our office and ask for a loan officer with, for more details. Please, no e-mail's, no form submissions. We only work with agents who are serious about the real estate business.

At, Our goals are very similar to yours! To close loans, make money and get those referrals! Why not Refer Your Buyers to for hassle-free financing and contact us about getting pre-approved buyers to work with?

Together, we can make a difference.

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