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Welcome to the Lending referral section designed for astute professionals seeking new opportunities to provide a broader range of service to their clientele and generate additional revenue streams with minimal work. Our professional lending referral program is designed to assist industry experts just like you in participating in a program that:

  • Facilitates professional solutions for your clients tailored to their immediate and future financial needs from low rate Mobile Home Loans to the HUD Insured FHA Loan with flexible qualifying guidelines
  • Requires no mortgage industry expertise
  • Allows industry professionals to focus on their core business
  • Provides industry professionals with added income without added work

At, we recognize that Accountants, Financial Planners, Tax Consultants, Attorneys and Insurance professionals are indeed the trusted advisors of many people who are seeking to become home owners and Home Buyers. These professionals look to you, their trusted business advisor, before making financial decisions concerning their residential, investment, and commercial real estate needs.

You are an important advisor to your clients, and we place the highest value on providing outstanding service to any client that arrives by referral. We believe you should be compensated fairly for recommending a financial solution to your client that results that client being referred to, for the right custom tailored mortgage solution.

We've put together a business referral strategy that is mutually beneficial to both our businesses and to our future mutual clients. Our referral program is both legally compliant with RESPA guidelines and highly beneficial to all parties involved in our referral program network.

As a professional in your industry looking for new channels of revenue and opportunity, you most certainly will want to consider participation in the outstanding referral program offered by Contact Us Today To Find Out More!


Accountants & Tax Professionals

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As a professional Accountant, you crunch numbers every day to assist business owners and entrepreneurs in making informed financial decisions. Your work helps them keep measure their results and improves their ability to run and grow their businesses. In many instances, these business owners and professionals turn to you when they require financial guidance concerning Commercial Loan and personal financial issues ranging from:

From our low rate Refinance Loan programs to our second mortgage and jumbo loan products, we have the breadth of products and expertise to assist your customers in obtaining the right loan for their specific financial needs in Murfreesboro, TN and in the other cities we originate loans. With extensive experience in the real estate investment market and commercial building financing, we can help your investor clients and your small business clients to reduce tax liability or grow their businesses. Don't miss this great opportunity to help your clients and get paid! Contact Us Now To Find Out More!

Financial Planners

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A professional Financial Planner, you have your hands full with building a unique and personal financial strategy tailored to each of your clients. At, we have a great respect and understanding of just what you go through when you create a winning strategy for a client.

Much as you do, we at follow many of the same processes when we evaluate where a client is today, understand where they want to be, and place them in the right vehicle to get them where they want to go.

Just as no two clients are alike, so it is with mortgage products. With hundreds of programs to select from, our job, like yours, is to assist our clients in achieving realistic and attainable goals using a mortgage program that fits best with their lifestyles and objectives. This rule applies whether the client is in Columbia, MO or Greenville, NC.

Working with us, you can be assured that the clients you refer will get custom tailored loan solutions designed to complement the financial strategies which you've worked hard to create for them. You have created the Roadmap, and will find the right mortgage vehicle to keep our mutual clients driving down the right road to achieving the goals set forth in their financial plans.

Best of all, you will get compensated for creating the road map and for referring the customer to the mortgage company that can deliver the Right Loan. Don't wait! Contact Us Now To Find Out More!



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As legal professional, you understand the importance of giving good advice and knowing your facts. At we understand and operate on the same principles that guide legal professionals. It works the same in rural Madison as it does in bustling downtown Jackson, MS. Know Our Programs, Understand The Needs of the Client, Provide the Right Counsel that Creates the Right Solution. As a professional, sometimes the solutions are not what the clients want to hear. This is the nature of both our businesses.

We can assist you and your clients in tailoring solutions to the needs of our mutual clients, even when their needs include the following:

  • Financing a Lawsuit
  • Refinance Loan During A Divorce Settlement
  • Creating Solutions to Shared Debt In A Divorce
  • Moving Real Estate Assets Into A Trust
  • Estate Settlement; Financing Real Estate Property involved In Probate by Refinance to a Fixed-Rate loan into the name of the Inheritor

There is simply no end to the opportunity, as a legal professional, to assist your clients in paying for legal services or creating solutions to real estate related financing issues. Not only can you help your law firm's cash flow, you help your clients achieve their goals and get paid for the assistance we provide. To Learn more, Contact Us Now!

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